How To Wear, Match & Pair GREEN in Menswear part 1

How To Wear, Match & Pair GREEN in Menswear

How To Wear, Match & Pair GREEN in Menswear part 1

Most men have a tendency to overgeneralize colors and just say red, blue, gray or green. Green is such a versatile color and I think that one term is not even enough to describe the full range of colors. Green contrast beautifully with all traditional jacket colors such as gray or navy but it is not too stark so it is a subtle sophisticated contrast.

How do You Wear Green so it Flatters You?

I think it is really helpful to have a green suit or at least a green jacket. It can be part of the suit and it can be worn separately with other kinds of corduroys or chinos or even seersuckers. Olive is a kind of green that has some brown tones and sometimes yellow tones and that really helps you to combine it with other colors. In terms of fabrics, you can wear green with a worsted, with a flannel, with frescos or even seersucker. It is a broad color range and you do not have to shy away from anything. The darker green is the more formal and it could be a good substitute for a dark brown suit because it has the same level of formality so it is not overly formal, but definitely more formal than sports coat combination.

Green wardrobe element to invest in: Pants

Wardrobe element that looks really good in green is pants, particularly corduroy pants or moleskin pants. They are different and I can combine them in an interesting way, for example, with brown jackets and I do not have to wear a brown or blue pair of corduroys. You can also go with lighter shades or brighter shades but typically those are things you can wear in the summer or in spring. Having a pair of bright green chinos for example or a light green and white seersucker, these are very much suited for spring summer climates or warmer climates in general.