How To Wear A Blazer!

Breaking Down The Blazer Fashion For You

How To Wear A Blazer! 

We always wonder what to wear whenever we are going out. Sometimes we even mess up our dressing and feel a bit overdressed somehow. Well, worry no more as we have got a great guide just made for you, to bring suit lovers to a more close understanding of when and what to wear; which leads us to how to wear a blazer!

There are several types of blazers. Party wear, casual wear, formal wear, blazers you would wear in rain and the list goes on. Here are five of the most used blazers.

  1. The party blazer! The party blazer comes in several colors, bright and attractive colors such as purple, red, yellow and light blue etc. This is the kind you will like to wear with a short and party your Saturday night away.

  1. The double breasted work blazer. This blazer gives a more sophisticated look, makes you look mature and ready to work. The most perfect form of this blazer comes with a elbow patch, you can wear this blazer with any kind of pants you want. Though I would prefer you wear cotton pants.

  1. The long coat. The term long coat basically makes every human brain perceive a very cold weather, with snow falling and a nice tall young gentleman walking around the corner in his long coat. Well as a matter of fact, that is true.  Long coats are preferably worn in winters, but wool blazers have made a nice contribution to fashion industry by introducing long coats with minimal weather control. So you do not have to wait an entire year to wear long coats now.


  1. The Linen made blazer. Linen made blazers are literally the classiest blazers in market right now. Giving off a casual vibe, going along a simple dress shirt or even a polo shirt would do. And damn when you wear moccasins with it, Simply amazing! The feel of linen blazers is just fantastic, along the color variety they come in.

  1. Checks. Well if you are talking about changing trends, you can not forget the check blazers which are very in right now. Check blazers come in a wide variety with amazing color ranges and styles. Giving off the punk vibe, check blazers is a revolution to the suits I bet.