Make Your Suits Stay in High Standard!

Make Your Suits Stay in High Standard!

Make Your Suits Stay in High Standard!

Most of the time, if you want a high-standard suit, it comes with a high price tag, and if it is that much expensive, you wouldn’t want to throw it away too quickly. What you need is to take extra care of such suits in every way possible. Make your suits stay in the same standard as they were at the time of buying, you should follow the following tips.

1.    Ironing

To keep your suits without any marks and streaks, properly iron them. To maintain the sharp edges of your suits, steam ironing is a good way. Make sure you set an appropriate limit of your iron, and don’t put an iron on your cloth for a longer time to avoid burning.

2.    Use Wooden Hangers

If you adore your dress of its high standard and quality, then you must spend some expenses on its hanger. Everyday dresses can easily hang on wire hangers but as you know your suits require extra care, wooden hangers are good for them as these hangers provide a good resting place for the shoulder area and trouser legs of your suits. See, how a small thing can worsen your suits.

3.    Say No to Excessive Cleaning

Change your perspective now as I am saying, dry cleaning can actually be a cause to ruin your suits. Doing that too often damages your suits as it would break the fibers and make them look thin and faded. Hand steam and brushing after wearing suit turn out to be the best way to clean your suit. For standard requirements, dry clean only one or two times in a year.

4.    Use of Pockets

Don’t see the pockets as a cupboard where you can put anything anytime. If you keep on using your suits’ pocket every time, it may tear them. You need to look stylish, clean, and lustrous in your suit, if your pockets seem heavy with many things, it can ruin your appearance. If you take care of the standard of your suits, they will stay with you as long as you want.

5.    Storage

Last but not the least, rule out a proper storage place for your suits. Place or hang them in an area where they can easily breath as storing in an airtight bag would be a hurdle for that. When you are done wearing a suit, don’t immediately put it in a wardrobe, leave it aside for some time to let it breathe.