How to Dress Big and Tall: A Guide For the Bigger Man

Bigger gentlemen have it tough finding clothes. Often times, clothes will draw attention to just how big they look. Other times, men try to drape themselves in looser fitting clothes to hide their physique. Here are some pointers when buying shirts for the more ample gentlemen:

Wear clothes that fit

Shaquille O'Neal is a well dressed big and tall man. Shaquille O'Neal is a well dressed big and tall man.

Everybody should wear clothes that fits right, regardless of size. However, the more ample gentlemen have less wiggle room when it comes to this. Because bigger men are easier to spot, any clothes that doesn’t fit right will only amplify the effect of the clothes on them - clothes that sag will only draw attention to you trying to hide your body and tighter clothes will look tighter. Wear something comfortable but form fitting. You want to give the idea that you are well put together and not sloppy or unfashionable. If you’re more ample, you want to own your size. There’s a difference between being fat and being big and it all starts with how you want people to perceive you.

Keep patterns to a minimum

Patterns on a slender man should blend in or work with their ensemble. But a big and tall gentleman can spread the pattern out too much. Patterns on larger men tend to look too busy and become distracting. Keep it simple, with solid colors working best for larger gentlemen. If you need to wear a pattern, wear something with thinner lines so that the pattern doesn’t become overwhelming.

Lighter fabrics

Thicker fabrics on a large man tend to contribute to him looking heavier than what he might be. Although not a problem with taller, slimmer gentlemen, heavy set men can look beefier with clothes made out of material that is thick. What’s worse is that heavier fabrics tend to be less breathable and also tend to trap heat in more than lighter fabrics. This can cause heavier men to become sweatier, which is never looks good on anyone.So stick with lighter, breathable fabrics, you’ll thank us later.

As mentioned before, it’s all about changing perceptions. Heavier men will want to own their size. Fatness comes off as lazy and soft, but “big” is large and in charge, a towering figure of power. Just because you might be big and tall doesn’t mean you don’t have to look good when you get dressed!