5 Essential Tips For Getting Your Suit Tailored

Getting your suit tailored is the best thing you could do for your wardrobe. A tailored suit should look better on you, should feel more comfortable and if done correctly, should make you feel more confident. However, getting your suit tailored is more than just bringing it to a tailor and hoping for the best. HDS walks you through how to get the best out of your tailoring so that your suit looks crisp and fresh!

  1. Buy a suit that already fits

    Unless you’re getting a bespoke suit (a suit built from scratch for your specific measurements), be sure that the suit you already have needs minimal work done. The more work goes into altering a suit, the greater the chance of it not looking good. Plus, the tailor can get a better idea of what to do with the suit if he already has something that you could wear.

manabouttodie Feel your most confident with a tailored suit!

2. Bring your accessories to help the visualization

Bring your shoes to the fitting! It’ll be immensely helpful to your tailor in getting an idea for how you’ll wear your suit and let him know where to hem the suit. Bring other accessories, like your preferred style of ties, to help your tailor see just what sort of style you might be going for with your suit.

Try a tie on with your suit Try a tie on with your suit

3. Suits are made to last

Your suit is meant to be used repeatedly. Keep in mind that fashion from today’s magazines won’t necessarily reflect the fashion of the future. Also, keep your changes conservative and versatile as opposed to whatever the flavor of the month is. Also, give yourself a little bit of room for any unexpected changes like having to be more active (like when at a wedding) or an unexpected weight gain (it happens, no judgments here).

4. Be honest with your tailor

Now is not the time to fight with your tailor about your waist size or your height. Let the tailor do their job and be honest about your body shape and size. Trust us, it’ll work out in the long run. Crash diets can only do so much, so just go with what you have now and don’t sweat about it.


5Don’t overdo it

Make sure that the alterations you’re asking for aren’t too excessive. A good tailor might be able to make them but if you don’t like the alterations, changing them can be hard to do. Instead, keep your alterations to a minimum so that way you can always fix them. If you need a lot of alterations, perhaps consider getting a bespoke suit.


Go ahead, tailor your suits! You won't regret it!

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