Sock It To Them: How To Wear The Right Socks For You

Socks are often the most overlooked piece of our wardrobe because they are often hidden under our pants and shoes. They shouldn't even see the light of day if you're wearing them right. However, if we don’t pay attention to the types of socks we wear, they can become weak links in our ensemble and bring down the look of everything. We’ve got you covered (up to the calf) with some tips on how to integrate better integrate these unsung heroes into.

Match'em Well!

Add some color to put your side on display! Add some color to put your side on display!

Socks should match the color of the pants suit but be a shade or two darker, while being lighter than the shoe. However, when in doubt, black ones go with anything and are a safe choice for any occasion. Patterned fabrics should match colors with either the suit or tie. Just make sure that the pattern of the tie does not match the pattern of the socks. We recommend either using a different pattern or going with a solid tie.

Cover your calves!

This one is super important so it bears repeating: Cover your calves! It looks sloppy when a dress sock droops and reveals your calf, especially if you’re pale and have a dark suit on. Dispose of dress socks that feel loose. Ideally, your socks should cover your calves but if you’re especially tall or just want extra assurance that you won’t be flashing people, get over-the-calf socks. Wearing longer pants should also ease this problem.

White socks

White socks are to be worn at the gym, exclusively. End of story. 

Instead, wear socks that match the season. Solid colors work well too. Instead, wear patterns that match the season. Solid colors work well too.

Novelty or Nah?

If you need to show off some personal flair, novelty socks are for you. Since novelty socks can be tacky, make sure they aren't too flashy. Also, since your novelty socks are most likely to stand out more than your regular socks, we recommend you pair them with a very simple suit and solid colors. Please reserve these festive accessories for holidays and special occasions otherwise they lose their novelty.

These tips should help you step your sock game up a few notches. They are a great way of showing off just how fashionable you really are without too much effort. Socks can be the one article of clothing that can either make or break a whole outfit!