Keep Your Feet Dry! Waterproof Footwear to the Rescue!

With winter coming to an end and spring right around the corner, we can expect a lot of rain going forward. As we all know, rain can ruin shoes easily, especially leather shoes. We give you a few suggestions on how to keep your feet waterproof without having sacrificing style.


Good galoshes are discreet Good galoshes are discreet

Galoshes can refer to the big rubber boots that will make you look like a fisherman. For our suggestion, we actually mean the rubber soles you can put over your shoes. Men’s galoshes are a great way to keep your nice shoes from getting ruined. They also offer good traction, making it harder to slip outside when it gets wet. The key to a good pair of galoshes is finding galoshes that fit over your shoe properly. It’s also an excellent idea to have two pairs of galoshes, with one for home and the other to be left at the office so you’ll be prepared in case you find yourself outside during a random shower.

Duck boots

Duck boots are stylish and practical! Duck boots are stylish and practical!

These boots have a rubber bottom half and a regular boot top. These boots work well for when you’re expecting rain, while also keeping your look fashionable. These types of boots work best casually but feel free to wear them to the office if you have a better pair of shoes there. Our choice of duck boots would be a classic LL Bean boot since they have been around for decades and have never gone out of style. You’ll thank us later!

Polish your regular shoes

A polished pair of shoes is not only good maintenance, but they also look great A polished pair of shoes is not only good maintenance, but they also look great

Unlike the other two suggestions, this advice works well regardless of the rain. Polish your shoes every month or so with a waterproof polish. Your shoes will look good polished but also now be protected from the elements. Making sure your shoes are prepared for the weather is not only smart but also saves a lot of money in the long run because your shoes should be able to last longer. Don’t overdo it with the waterproof polish -- your shoes only really need it every six months or so.

So remember, just because it rains doesn't mean you have to damage or ruin your shoes. Be prepared with any of our suggestions. Next time you see inclement weather, you'll be ready for it!