The Rise of Slim Fit Suits

The patterned shirt on slim fit suits look can work with or without a tie

Slim-fitted suits are giving a different look to the Dapper-Dans of fashion. Since everyone seems to be moving from subtle-monochromatic to vibrant-contemporary, slim fit suits are also making a huge debut. It’s like the saying, ‘out with the old, in with the new’, and these babies are doing just that. So the real question is, why are guys finding slim fit suits more appealing?

That's Easy -- they Look Good!

No seriously. Slim-fitted suits are not just visually appealing, but the guy wearing it can focus more on the accessories that make the suit stand out. Before we get into the bold accessories that add style to your look, let’s lay down some facts on slimmer suits and what you can expect when purchasing one.

Slim Fit Suits = Less Fabricdsc05202_copy

First things first, slimmer suits equals less fabric. Pretty straightforward right? So upon purchase, keep in mind that this suit has narrow shoulders, higher armholes, tighter legs and higher hems. Hence the name ‘slim-fit’. So, if it fits a little tighter, that's completely normal.

Slim Fit Suits are Versatile

Accessories like dress socks, cuff-links and flashy neck-wear are focused on more while wearing slim fitted suits. They show off more and add flavor to your look. Another reason is because of the various designs that you can find when purchasing a slim fitted suit. Not only do they come in bold colors, but they are also available in metallic colors and pinstripes.

The overall look of a slim fitted suit is to maintain your own personal style. Instead of having a uniformed look in a modern suit, slim fit suits give you the opportunity to be creative and stand out in the crowd. You do not compromise your fashion sense when wearing one, you are able to embrace it and look good while doing so.

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