Valentine's Day Date Ideas that are Actually Fun

Valentine's Day Date , candy hearts Valentine's Day is a holiday that can go horribly wrong, or wonderfully right. And one major part of having it go right is making sure you have somewhere interesting to go. There's really no universal date spot to go to on Valentine's Day, because every couple is different. That's why we've gathered four very different Valentine's Day date ideas for you to select from. And don't worry, all of these places are actually fun.

Get Some Pizza at Emily

Valentine's Day Date, pizzaWe all know that pizza is better than any $150 prix fixe meal at a fancy restaurant. Emily is located in Clinton Hill (with another location in Williamsburg called Emmy Squared) and they serve up some good pies. Split a pepperoni, or vodka-sauce, or pickled chili pie. Wash it down with some wine, and you've got yourself a good Valentine's Day date.

Go Rock Climbing at The Cliffs

This Valentine's Day date is for more adventurous, athletic people. Or for anyone who's looking to try something new. Either way, this rock climbing facility has intro classes so you can learn to climb together. For more advanced couples, you can race to beat each other's climbing times. And who knows? A fun date can turn into a new hobby.

Catch a Movie at Nitehawk Cinema

Here's a two-in-one Valentine's Day date: Valentine's Day Date, movie popcorndinner and a movie. This eat-in cinema has anything from burgers to seasoned popcorn to small plates. At this theater you and your date can catch indie films and iconic re-releases. And if indie movies aren't really your thing, there's liquor available as well. That'll help make the movie more appealing.

Visit the Museum of Sex

For a bold first date, or a silly 100th date, the Museum of Sex is full of entertainment. It's full of history, science, and experiences -- you'll learn plenty, even about things you didn't necessarily want to know about. You'll also learn more about what kind of *stuff* your date is into. And wind down the Valentine's Day date by jumping around in a giant bouncy castle made of breasts.