How to Layer your Suit this Winter

Layering your look is essential this season, especially when wearing a suit. Though wearing a suit in frigid temperatures is tricky, it's not impossible. Layering a suit is the best way to keep warm this winter season -- and you can maintain your style. These are our recommendations for layering your suit this winter season.

Sweaters -- V-neck or Crew neck?

layer your suit with V-neck sweaters photo credit: Gentleman's Gazette

Sweaters are the saving grace for cold weather. It is also a stylish alternative to layering your suit. With tailored looks, long and short hems are very important. Wearing your t-shirt and underneath a button-up is classic and typical. For more warmth and comfort, a thin sweater (whether v-neck or crew neck) worn on top of your button up can also be stylish; as long as you keep your button-up nicely tucked away, that is. If you are into v-neck sweaters, pairing your button up shirt with a tie is perfect  for an executive look. Crew neck sweaters always go well with patterned button up shirts for a more business-classy look.

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Pea Coats -- More Style and Color

layer your suit with a pea coat photo credit: Ashley Weston

Pairing these coats with a suit is hands-down the best method to staying warm. Another great thing about pea coats are the many different variations. Pea coats come in different lengths, making them a versatile choice for any suit you are wearing. They also come in different colors. Now, of course you can pair them with large scarfs, hats, and glove sets, but the most important thing to remember when wearing a pea coat is color. When colors are paired up against a suit, style is more evident. When wearing bolder or subtle colored pea coats against a suit, you achieve both style and warmth.


Though there are plenty other ways to layer your suit, these two options are most reliable. There is nothing better than finding a way to dress appropriate for the weather without compromising your fashion sense.  Though there are plenty of other ways to layer your suit, these two are both convenient, fashionable, and most of all, weather proof.