Perfect Pink Accessories for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday dedicated to love. What better way to show you are in the holiday spirit than to wear pink accessories! They don’t have to be loud and over the top - in fact, they can be subtle or even a touch romantic. We at Hundred Dollar Suits suggest a few pink accessories to wear for that special occasion with that special someone without being too cheesy.

Wear a Pink Tie

A pink tie is a understated way of showing off your holiday spirit. It is the perfect accessory to wear if you want to get dressed up for the office too. Pair a pink tie with a white shirt and a grey suit and you’ll guaranteed to look great. It doesn’t have to be a solid pink tie either -try different patterns to make you stand out! For an added touch of whimsy, feel free to replace that tie with a bow tie. It’s a touch more romantic and fun so this one works better for date night but it can also work well if you have to be in the office before your big date.

Bow ties are a fun little way of dressing up Bow ties are a fun little way of dressing up

A Pink Blazer

This pink accessory is for that guy that wants to be a bit bolder than changing the color of his tie. The pink blazer look is one that requires a little bit more confidence. It also requires a little more know-how to make it look classy instead of tacky. We suggest wearing a light color underneath, with a simple pattern such as plaid or striped to divert some of the attention from the pink and wear a cooler color pants, such as a blue or even a green, though we suggest a green in an olive shade. Wear a pink blazer that’s a bit more dialed back. Louder pinks tend to overpower the look and what you want to go for with this look is a sense of balance.

Great for bolder romantics Great for bolder romantics

A Pink Sweater

Finding it hard to pull of the blazer look? Want to flaunt the pink a little more than a simple necktie change? A pink sweater or sweater vest might be the right item for you. Pink sweaters


/ sweater vest is easy to pair with a neutral colored blazer, like navy or dark gray, and you can wear most pastels with a pink sweater, as long as the shirt isn’t pink itself. What’s best is that a proper sweater/sweater vest can complete a look and take it from look good, to looking classy.

Along with these suggestions, we can recommend wearing colorful pink socks or a nice pink pocket square if you want to go even more understated. Just be sure to not let the pink clash with the rest of your wardrobe. Now go out there and be sure show off your pink accessories to your Valentines!