Top 3 Fireplace Bars in the 5 Boroughs

The temperature is finally dropping in New York. Truth is, that has never stopped us from going out and enjoying ourselves. With Mother Nature controlling our wardrobe, your normal ‘going-out’ routine may not be the most feasible. Why not head over to some of the city's hottest fireplace bars to keep warm and enjoy a cocktail or two? These are our top three fireplace bars in the five boroughs.


The ArtBar -- Right in Manhattan

Top 3 Fireplace Bars-ArtBar


Located on 8th avenue in Manhattan, The Artbar has a chilled atmosphere with some of the best cocktails in town. They have over-stuffed couches and antique furniture that gives it a classic feel. They also have lit candles illuminating the front and back end of their establishment, and their very own fireplace to keep you cozy during the frigid weathers. What makes this place even more amazing is the extensive bar menu. Hands down, one of the best Happy Hour spots in town.


Top 3 FIreplace Bars

Camp -- In Downtown Brooklyn

If you want to experience the rustic lifestyle in New York City, Camp is the place you need visit. Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, Camp is bar that gives all of its patrons a first hand experience of cabin life. You can do everything from making s'mores, to cuddling up by the wood burning fireplace. They also have a large projection screen where you can catch classic films while taking part in a board game competition.

large fireplace with blazing fire credited: Black Mountain Fireplace

Black Mountain Wine House -- Located in Brooklyn

For all of you wine connoisseurs, there is a bar-lounge that is made just for you. Black Mountain Wine House is a Brooklyn-located Winehouse that makes you feel as if you are nestled in the middle of Napa Valley or a vineyard in Italy. They cater to the most experienced to inexperienced wine drinker. Not only do they have an extensive wine list, but a unique menu as well. Their wood-burning fireplace is placed in the back of the bar, adding class to a cold night indoors. Whether you are buying by the glass, or by the bottle, this wine-bar is the best way to keep warm during the colder months