How to Stylishly Wear a Tuxedo this Season

wear a tuxedo

Gala season is upon us. Time to get out your best penguin suit and try to look as fancy as possible. But wearing a tuxedo isn’t simple, especially since it’s supposed to be for rare and special occasions. Some might even struggle with the proper tuxedo etiquette. We have some helpful pointers for when you wear a tuxedo!

Choose the Right Occasion to wear a Tuxedo

Nothing could be worse than going to a semi-formal affair overdressed in a tuxedo. Make sure the event calls for a tuxedo. After that, you need to figure out if the event is a black tie event or a white tie event. The difference is more than just a mere tie color. Black tie events are formal wear a tuxedobut are more lax. White tie events are the most formal, with a stricter guideline on what to wear. So if you’ve got to wear a tuxedo, make sure you know what it’s for!

Wear Attractive Accessories

Wearing the wrong things with a tuxedo can ruin the look of the tuxedo overall. The whole look has to be perfect -- any hiccup can make or break the look. Luckily, what you have to wear with a tux is pretty simple. Shoes should be leather or oxfords. They have to be well polished. Shirts should be understated, white and either a winged collar or a point collar, with French cuffs. A waistcoat should accompany the look to complete it.

Side note: Unless explicitly asked for, do not wear gloves or a top hat. You’ll look like the Monopoly guy or a magician.

wear a tuxedoTie the Right Tie

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right tie is essential. A bow tie is usually for formal affairs so leave the longer ties at home. Be sure to choose a bow tie knot that flatters your face. Bigger ends tend to complement rounder faces, angular faces tend to do better with smaller and sharper ends.
As always, be sure to find a tuxedo that fits you just right. Avoid huge or flashy accessories and remember that tuxedos are evening wear only. Once you get the basics down on tuxedo wear, wearing it should be easy. Tuxedos are great because when they come together, any man can look dashing in one!

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