Why you Should Ditch your Belt for Suspenders

model in suspenders

Hear me out on this one. I know that suspenders evoke images of Steve Urkel-like nerds and Larry King, but I think we can all pull them off if we try. This accessory is far underrated, especially when it comes to suit wear. They're unique, and they're good for your health. Here are four reasons why you should ditch your belt for some suspenders.

1. Lose the Gut

Belts have the annoying habit of digging into your waist. Suspenders allow you to release your natural waist, which is much more comfortable. While belts tend to highlight your gut, suspenders artfully disguise it. In the same vein, elastic is much more forgiving than a belt. So don't be afraid to eat a hearty lunch.

2. You'll Stand Out

There's something intriguing about a man in suspenders. Because they're less popular than the belt, you'll definitely get some compliments, and probably some questions too. But hey, any type of attention is better than none... right? The key is to wear this accessory with your head held high.

3. They last Longer

A well-made suspender should last longer than your belts. That's because the leather on belts will wear with time, attract scuff marks, and bend. This is natural; but since suspenders are elastic, they should hold up for a while.

4. Adapt to Any Weight

Suspenders are great in the way that they can adapt to any weight. Whether you need to lend a friend something to hold up his pants, or you have lost a lot of weight, this accessory will always be there for you. It's a one size fits all accessory, unlike belts.

Now, you don't need to throw away all your belts for a pair of suspenders. It's just a good idea to keep a pair or two of them in your closet. We recommend starting with a neutral color that matches most of your clothing, and see how you feel from there. Enjoy your new look!

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