Suit Care for the James Bond-Type

frankie the bear for suit care

Many men like to think that clothing care is a responsibility meant for the women in their lives. But James Bond’s suits are always crisp, and he doesn't have a stable girlfriend. No matter how many rooftops he's leaped across, his suits are always looking good. Keep your suits as clean as Bond’s all by yourself -- you just need to follow a few easy suit care tips. Here we have our very own James Bond, named Frankie the Bear, to demonstrate how durable our suits are.

Get the right fit

Suit care makes your suit last longer, but there is no miracle fix to an ill-fitting suit. This is especially true for finer suit fabrics, that are liable to stretch and tear. So be sure to buy suits that fit you; if you're wearing a suit that is too tight, you'll be bursting at the seam.

Mix it up

Do not be that guy who wears the same suit every day. These days, suits are affordable (especially ours!). If you wear a suit every day, get a few and rotate between them. This gives the fabric a chance to air out, and lets wrinkles go away.

Iron, man

Every man should know how to iron. If you don't, be sure to learn -- quickly. And be sure to check your suit jacket's label before you heat it up -- depending on the fabric, your ironing instructions may differ.

Hang loose

Hang your suits on a wooden suit hanger. Wood absorbs moisture and specialized suit hangers help jackets hold their form. Cover your suit in the sack it came in when you store it. Brush before hanging so nothing can sink in. Be prepared to shell out $5 to $20 on a quality suit hanger.

Dry clean at your own risk

Avoid dry cleaning your suits unless absolutely necessary. It will wear out your fabric. Only dry clean to avoid moths before storing your suit for the season. And try not to ever wash it.

Suit care ranks among the manliest of traditions, such as shaving, washing the car, amateur carpentry, and pumping iron. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.