5 Things to Consider When Wearing Bow Ties

bow ties

As a word of caution: think twice before wearing bow ties. Do not let that statement scare you out of ever wearing a bow tie, just think about it before you make the plunge. Bow ties have come back into fashion -- they're no longer only for older gentleman and academics. To pull off a bow tie you need a sense of playfulness, mixed in with the right amount of confidence. Here are a few things to consider when wearing bow ties.

1. Color-coordinate your bow ties

Please, don't wear a bow tie with a silly pattern, unless it's for a costume. Wearing a bow tie is already sort of silly enough -- it's best to stick with a solid color. If you really need to stand out, try a tie with simple patterns.

2. Commit to the Bow Tie400_close_tux_2

Wearing a bow tie is more than just tying a knot around your neck. The bow tie will draw more attention to you and your facial area, so make sure you look put together. A nice bow tie should complement the rest of you.

3. Wear it Proudly

You might get some comments or stares, especially if wearing a bow tie is out of place in the office. Don't let it discourage you. Simply wear that tie with pride and a smile.

4. Make sure your Clothes Fit

Wear a tightly fitted jacket with your bow tie. This improves the aesthetic effect of the knot, and balances out the absence of a tie.

5. Tie it Properly

Please, do not get a clip-on bow tie. If you're going to wear a bow tie, something that is more formal than a classic Windsor knot, you need to tie it properly.

All in all, just relax. There are plenty of benefits of a bow tie -- you'll be perceived as unique, creative, and easy-going compared Windsor knot lovers. And remember, it never hurts to try something new and switch up your wardrobe.