Patterned Shirts: Breaking Up the Monotony

Solid colored shirts are great to have but can be a little boring sometimes. So why not wear patterned shirts with your suit? Here are some essential patterns to have in your wardrobe if you decide to be a little more adventurous:

A patterned shirts can make you look more youthful and relaxed. A patterned shirt can make you look more youthful and relaxed.

- Gingham check pattern is the easiest to work with. You can tell a gingham shirt by the two shades of color and a white background with even checks made by the vertical and horizontal stripes. Gingham check patterned shirts are some of the most versatile shirt patterns. Gingham check patterned shirts are easy to match with anything and they can be used for any occasion

- Window pane / graph is a simple mono-colored shirt with thin lines that cross to form squares. The lines can come in one color but can also have different colored horizontal and vertical lines. This shirt is good if you want a patterned shirt that doesn’t stand out too much. It’s a subtle shirt so it is also easy to wear in most settings. Window pane is the same as graph patterns, but the graph shirt has more frequent and smaller squares.

The patterned shirts look can work with or without a tie The patterned shirt look can work with or without a tie

Pincheck patterned shirts are colored shirts with a white background that looks like it has tiny dots because of the really thin stripes that run through it. These shirts are great for work and formal environments.

- The shepherds check pattern is very similar to the gingham except it has a twill (ridged parallel lines) background. The shepherds check pattern looks great in a casual environment. This pattern is also good for business settings

Do’s and Don’ts of Patterned Shirts

Do wear a solid colored tie with a pattern shirt. It breaks up the pattern by being a nice contrast. If you must wear a patterned tie with a patterned shirt, make sure the pattern

Patterned shirts are a great alternative to solid colored shirts Shirts with patterns are a great alternative to solid colored shirts

contrasts with the pattern on the shirt, like a tie with many small dots on a more spaced graph shirt. Also, feel free to wear a patterned shirt without a tie, if the setting allows it. Casual patterned shirts look relaxed but still chic.

Don’t wear a patterned tie with a patterned shirt, especially if the patterns match. It can look distracting and like there’s too much going on. Remember, a sophisticated look is minimalistic. Also, make sure that the shirt doesn’t have too much color going on. Limit the amount of colors to about two, three if two of the colors are similar.


Patterned shirts should not be overlooked when choosing an outfit. Patterned shirts work well for both work and casual settings. They can make you look sharp while also being fashionable. Choose any pattern that looks good. Experiment with different styles and patterns. Above all else, find something that works well for you!