Low Hassle Thanksgiving Eve Drinks

The night before Thanksgiving has a lot of nicknames. Affectionately called Thanksgiving Eve, it is also known as Blackout Wednesday or Drunksgiving by the younger crowd. Between catching up with hometown friends, stress from the holiday, or just simply celebrating the day off tomorrow, the night before Thanksgiving can be the biggest bar night of the year, more so than St. Patrick’s Day in many cities. We make a few recommendations, to help you avoid the swarms of drunken college students while also having a memorable time.

Keep it classy! Keep it classy!

5th and Mad

5th and Mad is a lounge like gastropub. It’s reasonably priced, considering it’s in Midtown, but still fairly swanky. You can book a private room here and they do take reservations. Their happy hour great and their appetizers are super delicious. Look out for some Thanksgiving Eve specials!

Remember to pace yourself! Remember to pace yourself!

No Malice Palace

This spot in the Lower East Side is a hip hop bar/club for those who want to dance on Thanksgiving Day Eve. The DJ plays hits from the late 90’s to those from the present day all night long. The ambiance is pretty laid back and the drinks are on the cheaper side. It’s a good place to bring friends and party with no abandon. The No Malice Palace is a great place to go if you want to get away from all the non-stop holiday cheer ever-present this time of year.

Feel free to invite a friend. The more, the merrier! Feel free to invite a friend. The more, the merrier!


We’re not sure we can tell you about the next one. With a name like PDT (short for Please Don’t Tell), some things are best kept secret. PDT is an experience for someone who wants to do something different. Located at St. Mark’s, PDT is like a speakeasy from back in the 1920’s. You’ll start off your experience going through a phone booth to a ritzy looking place. The food here is good but it’s the drinks that really shine here. This place is ideal for someone who wants to hide away from awkward encounters from someone from high school or just get away from the family for a little bit.

These places are great for someone who wants to avoid the sports bars full of sloppy drunk people but still enjoy themselves. Remember to drink responsibly, be safe and have a fun Thanksgiving Eve!