No Shave November Grooming Guide

Raising awareness while also looking very manly. Raising awareness while also looking very manly.

No Shave November, or Movember to some, is done to raise awareness. We at Hundred Dollar Suits applaud such efforts and would like to offer some help in making your facial hair look good, even if you can’t shave it off.

Beard softener

Some of those that decide to avoid shaving for No Shave November can find that having a beard can be difficult. A beard feel prickly and rough on loved ones and even to yourself if you’re not used to the sensation. Using a beard softener is a solution that helps keep you from shaving while also making your Brillo pad of a beard softer and more bearable. Plus, once November is over, it makes it easier to shave the beard.

Our favorite beard softener is the  L’Oreal Paris Expert Hydra Energetic 3 Day Moisturizer. The results are instant, it product is colorless and does not stick either. As an added bonus, it smells like peppermint!

No Shave November: Making men look like Super Mario every November. No Shave November: Making men look like Super Mario every November.

Mustache wax

Others find it hard to maintain a mustache. They can get all bushy and scratchy which can look unkempt and scruffy. Mustache wax can help you style your mustache. You can use the mustache wax to help keep your whiskers in place. Some mustache waxes can also help your hair strengthen or even dye it to help it keep its luster.

When it comes to mustache wax, we recommend Clubman’s Mustache Wax, which makes stylizing your mustache incredibly easy.

Feel free to stylize your mustache however you want. Feel free to stylize your mustache however you want.


Good facial hair maintenance requires that you comb it. Mustaches should be combed with a fine toothed comb. Fine combs are easy to maneuver and can easily give shape to a mustache. For a beard, a bigger comb is recommended. A fine comb can still be helpful in getting any debris left in a beard.  Combs are helpful especially since continued grooming can keep your beard soft and luscious.

Our recommended combs are the GrowABeard Beard Brush and Comb Kit. The brush and comb are made of a durable bamboo but they are also gentle on the skin - no need to worry about scratches!

Beard balm and shampoo

Beard balm is good for your facial hair, as it prevents your beard from becoming dried out and rough. Applied every other day, a beard balm can help keep your beard healthy. In addition, most beard balms can come in different scents, keeping you smelling fresh while your beard looks great. Beard shampoo is totally optional, but it does help with maintaining your beard in optimal conditions. While regular shampoo can be used for beards, a beard shampoo, which is made specifically for facial hair, can do wonders for coarse and thick hair. It’s an extra touch that your beard will appreciate.

We recommend Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner, which is very popular and works really well.

So remember, just because you’re not shaving for the month of November doesn’t mean you have to look like a caveman. With these products, you can look handsome and distinguished with a mustache or beard all while helping out a noble cause. So go out there and grow it out for No Shave November!