Top Notch Thread Count Suits


The Basics of Thread Count Suits

Thread Count Suits are usually well cut. If you're unsure what thread count has to do with suit care, read on. Here's why we use a Super 150 thread count for optimal wear. A thread count refers to the number of threads used per square inch. This lets people know the fineness or thinness of the individual threads spun into the yarn, which is woven into the cloth used for sewing Thread Count Suits. The higher the number, the thinner the fibers, hence the smoother and more comfortable the cloth feels. For Thread Count Suits, there is an optimal count range for comfort and durability.

What Are Thread Count Suits?

Thread Count Suits generally range from 80-180 thread count for optimal wear. So, how are we at Hundred Dollar Suits doing in this department? Pretty great. Super 150 thread count is an excellent number to be at; Super 120 is as well. This is because you want Thread Count Suits that are comfortable for everyday wear, but you also want it to last through many wears. If a suit's thread count is too high, the material is much thinner, meaning it's easier to tear it. If a suit's thread count is too low, it won't be fun to walk around in. So by having Thread Count Suits at 120-150 is a standard for durability and comfort all in one.

If you ever need a visual aid to help you further understand about Thread Count Suits, just watch our video below and you will learn a few things.


Now we’ve learned what a super 150 thread count means for your suit. Although there are a few other factors which determine a suit’s quality -- including the actual fiber sewn into its cloth -- a Super 150 thread count will ensure the best wear for your suit.

Thread Count Suits For Style & Comfort

Knowing that we offer quality made Thread Count Suits right here at Hundred Dollar Suits, we do it so you get the best at an affordable price. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of fashion and how you want to feel when you put on your suit. Long wearing, durability and style is what makes these Thread Count Suits sought after in the market. Besides, nothing boosts confidence more than a good feeling and looking suit. If you wonder how Thread Count Suits measure up in terms of fashion, with the count of 120-150 you can expect the suits to look much more refined and sleek. Don’t wait, get shopping or browsing our best selection of Thread Count Suits online now!