Election Day Accessories


The election is upon us and we could all use a little levity. An easy way to do this is just by adding some patriotic accessories to remind each other that we go through all this for the sake of the country. Here are some suggestions to help show some national pride around the office without looking tacky.

American flag pins:

This one is an easy, understated way of showing patriotism. It doesn’t draw attention away from your suit since they’re small. It’s not flashy while also being inexpensive and easy to wear. It’s the perfect election day accessory.

Red, white and blue patterns can show off your patriotism without being tacky. Red, white and blue patterns can show off your patriotism without being tacky.


Another subtle way of showing off your patriotism is by wearing a tie in either red, white or blue. A good way to pull this off is by wearing your navy suit with a white shirt and a red tie, but wearing a red, white or blue tie with any suit works just as well. If you really want to drive the point home, you can also wear an American flag tie or an American flag patterned tie. Since it’s for a special occasion, flashy ties get a free pass.

Pocket squares:

Subtle Election Day accessories look classy. Subtle Election Day accessories look classy.

Colorful and patterned pocket squares are big with people who want to set themselves apartwhile also not being overly tacky. As with ties, you can also wear red, white or blue socks or go for broke and wear American flag patterned pocket square. It’s a fun way of showing your national colors while also being subdued. To make the look complete, pair it with a similar tie. This even looks good without a tie, for the more casual gentleman. All it needs to do is peek out a little from it's pocket and you're set.



The best way to use these election day accessories is to use them in a way that doesn’t make any overt political statement. This election season has been rough enough already and you do not want to be divisive or exclusive to anyone. Remember to keep it fun and patriotic.