2016 Winter Trends in Men's Fashion

Winter is almost here! And while you're probably gearing up in obvious ways -- buying shovels, taking out snow boots, and preparing to pay for your heating bill -- have you thought about updating your wardrobe? New 2016 winter trends in men's fashion have already started cropping up, so you'll want to make sure your outfits stay up to date. Some trends are obvious, others are unexpected. Here are three 2016 winter trends in men's fashion that you can get on board with this upcoming season.

1. Copper-Colored Clothing2016 winter trends

Copper is both a fall and winter trend this year. The color evokes theĀ general feeling of autumn, reminding us of the multi-colored leaves littering the streets. You can incorporate this 2016 winter trend into your wardrobe subtly -- perhaps with a pair of copper socks. Or, you can buy a puffy copper coat (since puffy coats are in as well).





2016 winter trends2. Light Blue/Sky Blue

Light colors are usually reserved for the spring, but that isn't stopping light blue this season. So instead of packing away your sky blue button down, keep it out this winter to wear under your suit. If you're not totally comfortable with sky blue, a nice gray-blue will stand out on cloudy, snowy days.






3. Of course, FlannelsĀ 2016 winter trends

Look, flannels and checkered patterns are in every winter. Why? Because they're warm and comfortable. And wearing clothes that keep you from freezing is one of the hardest challenges of winter. So, wearing a flannel shirt to work can feel like you never even got out of your pajamas. And we're all about that this winter.


You can incorporate these 2016 winter trends into your wardrobe fairly easily this year. In fact, since many fashion trends are simply recycled year after year, you might even have all of these things sitting in your closet already.