How to Mend a Suit (or a Halloween Costume)

how to mend a halloween costume/suit

Halloween has arrived. Hopefully you have your costume all in order for tonight, whether you're taking the kids out trick-or-treating or going to a party. But if you find yourself dragging out last year's costume in tatters, here are tips on how to mend it. Whether it's a hole in the armpit, or a torn seam, we've got you covered. These tips can also be applied if you were wondering how to mend a suit, so they're good all year round.

Tools You Need:

  • - Sewing Needle, the thinner the better
  • - Thread the color of the suit/costume (use black if you can't find your color)
  • - Scissors


Mending a Small Tear

A basic stitch you should know is the running stitch. This is used to mend tears, hems, and stitches that have started to unravel. This is a very basic stitch, but it's also one of the most useful when it comes to clothing repair. Here's what to do:


  1. Thread the needle
  2. Locate the tearhow to mend a halloween costume/suit
  3. Push the needle through the fabric, just below the tear
  4. Weave it through to the other side of the tear, and bring it back again
  5. Pull the thread through
  6. Ta-da! That's a running stitch. Continue to do this stitch along the tear
  7. Tie a small knot when you're finished and cut it off from the rest of the thread


Before you begin sewing, make sure the fabric is ironed so there aren't any creases. Also, we only recommend repairing a suit by yourself if it's a small tear along a seam. If you've taken out a chunk of fabric somehow, go to a dry cleaner or your local tailor. They can patch that up -- it's best to leave big projects to the professionals.

But now that you know how to mend tiny tears and holes, you can definitely save yourself some money on this year's Halloween costume -- and your suit. Happy Halloween!