The Top 4 Suit Mistakes


Suit Mistakes Festive suits are a big no no.

Suit mistakes can cost you a date or a job. The University of Hertfordshire  conducted a study on first impressions, and they found that most people make strong judgments within 3 seconds of looking at someone. They also discovered that the kind of clothing you wear will determine how well people like you. For example, viewers rated a man in a perfect, tailor-made suit as more confident, successful and flexible than when he wore an imperfect, high-street suit.

So what can you do to avoid fashion blunders? We found the top 4 suit mistakes and how you can fix them. Additionally, these are the top mistakes because they occur the most often and can have the greatest impact on your overall look.

Wrong Socks with a Suit
Suit Mistakes There is no excuse for this flamboyant mistake.

Socks are one of the most overlooked fashion accessories, but they are important. Socks should match the color of your pants. They should also be darker than your suit but a shade lighter than than your shoes.

Wrong Belt Color

Belts should always match the color of your dress shoes. The finish of the belts need to match the shoes as well. For example, if your belt is glossy, your shoes should be glossy too. Finally, thin dress belts should be paired with formal shoes.  Thicker belts can be paired with casual shoes.

Improper Tie Length

A tie should end at the center of a belt buckle. It could make a man look absurd or inferior if it is too short or too long.

A Tie That Is Bigger or Smaller Than the Lapel
Suit Mistakes You don't want to be this guy at the office.

This blunder is often overlooked, like some of our other suit mistakes. The width of the tie should always match the width of the lapel. Thin ties are currently in style because thin lapels are more modern. Wide lapels are considered "old-school" so naturally thicker ties are less trendy.