Colored Shirts: A Palette of Possibilites

So many colored shirts to choose from! So many colored shirts to choose from!

So, you’ve worn a white shirt or a blue shirt for weeks on end and want to break the monotony? The best way to do this is a simple change of color palette by adding colored shirts. Colored shirts can make a big difference in spicing up your rack of clothes!

Some ground rules when looking to add some color to your wardrobe:

Avoid black.

Yes, it can work but it’s a tricky color so it’s just best to leave that one for another day.


Loud colors don’t always work.

The right colored shirt can make any drab outfit look more fashionable. The right colored shirt can make any drab outfit look more fashionable.

They might have personality but you’ll look like a pumpkin in an orange shirt or like an eggplant with a purple shirt. When in doubt, go with something more understated.


Mind the season.

Pastels are better suited for the spring while muted colors are good for the fall. Be sure to choose a color according to your complexion as not every color can work. Rosy people look unflattering in pink colored shirts, whereas medium toned people tend to look drab in earth tones.


Tie Colors

Depending on whether or not you’re wearing a tie, you don’t want it to match the color you are wearing. If you’re wearing a patterned shirt, a mono-colored tie breaks that up while not calling too much attention to it. Similarly, a single colored shirt works well with a tie with patterns.

It's good to have a variety of colored shirts. It's good to have a variety of colored shirts.

Suit Colors

Most gray and navy blue suits match with any type of shirt. They look best with shirts that are only one color or have faint patterns. Darker colors go with grays, light colors go with the navy blue to set up a nice contrast.



With these rules in mind, remember that fashion is always situational. For example, color options vary if you have a light complexion but dark hair. For that, you’ll want to have some contrast (like a navy blue suit with a lavender shirt). Reds and browns look good on people with light complexion but tend to make people with medium complexions look like they’re blending in with their clothes.

In short, choose colors that make you look good. Be a little adventurous with your wardrobe. It’ll make you look confident, fashion-forward and help you make a lasting impression. Add some color to your life by adding color to your wardrobe!