4 Fun Halloween Events in NYC

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October brings us the best holiday of the year: Halloween. Here's the day where you can dress however you want, and eat as much candy as you like. So whether you're wearing your suit and pretending to be Donald Trump for the night, or you just want to enjoy the holiday with friends, here are four Halloween events in NYC. This way, you can have fun even if you don't like dressing up.

1. Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

This is one of the the biggest Halloween events in NYC. The Village Halloween Parade draws in about 50,000halloween events in nyc people (and ghouls, goblins, etc.) each year. Whether you want to dress up and march, or just enjoy the parade from the sidelines, you'll still have a great time. The parade runs up 6th avenue from spring street to 16th, so make sure you get a good spot to stand! The event goes from around 7-11 pm on Halloween night.

2. Webster Hell

The official Halloween Parade after-party -- Webster Hell. Taking place at Webster Hall, this Halloween event in NYC is a huge party. All four floors of the club are used, and it runs from 10 pm to 5 am. There is the traditional costume contest, and the winner gets $5,000. Motivated to make a costume? Check out our Halloween costume blog for some ideas to get started.

3. Stranger Things Party at Lot 45

Winona Ryder and 1980's fans alike, this is for you. You can be certain that there will be plenty of Halloween parties based off Stranger Things this year, but will they be as good as the one at Lot 45? At this Halloween event in NYC you can expect a costume content, '80's board games, waffles, and more. So head on down to Brooklyn from October 21st -23rd for some real nostalgia-inducing fun.

4. Halloween Night Market

halloween events in NYCThe open-night market in Queens has been around all fall, and on Halloween night it's your last
chance to go there! With international food and vendors, this is a great way to have stress-free Halloween fun. There is a costume contest for those who want to dress up, and free performances as well.

With these four Halloween events in NYC, you're guaranteed to find some fun. And if you're really into Halloween, you can even try going to all four of these events.

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