Belts: The Unsung Wardrobe Companion

belt03-defaultBelts are the unsung heroes of a man’s wardrobe. They’re never meant to outshine other articles of clothing like a suit or shoes, but they can definitely complement and enhance the overall look. They are meant to be understated but without one, a wardrobe can come off as incomplete. With today being National Pasta Day, it’s best to understand what type of belt best suits your needs before you need to unbuckle it.

Material might make the difference on whether you should wear the belt or leave it at home. Material might make the difference on whether you should wear the belt or leave it at home.

Here are some basic guidelines for choosing belts:

  • - Ideal belt length should loop around and reach the first notch once. It should be about two sizes bigger than your waist size. It’s okay if the belt is a little shorter. It will look awkward if the belt is too long.
  • - Belts with small buckles are best for informal settings. You can go bigger for casual wear.
  • - Belt color should match shoe color. Ideally, both belt and shoes should be made of the same material. Leather should always match with leather but you can get away with matching something of the same color if leather is not an option. The matching rule is more lax in casual setting but make sure it doesn’t clash from the outfit.
  • - Black leather belts go with almost anything. Even if they don’t match, they don’t really clash with anything. But do try to match whenever possible.
  • - Leather belts and some metallic finish belts are good for business settings. Cloth and woven belts tend to look out of place in a suit, so keep that for casual wear. Snake skin or ostrich skin belts can come off as tacky, so leave these kinds of belts at home.


In the spirit of National Pasta Day (and as an added bonus), we found some great places all the paisanos go to for some amazing pasta.

Recommended Places for Pasta:



  • - Po in the West Village is a cozy, rustic restaurant with very authentic Italian cuisine. They make their pastas the way they’re done back at Italy; with very little sauce and al dente. Their food isn’t too expensive and the service is great. Try the white bean ravioli with balsamic brown butter sauce!
  • - Rubirosa is known for superb sauces and meatballs. They also have a great selection of pizza and cocktails. It is located right in the heart of Little Italy. Mama mia!
  • - Galli has great mad calamari, with a lot of sauce and flavor. They have great appetizers during happy hour but they bring their A-Game for their penne alla vodka and their Norma, a rigatoni and eggplant dish.
  • - If you’re feeling like cooking your own pasta but don’t want store bought pasta, Savino’s Quality Pasta is the place to go. They sell pasta to restaurants for good reason; their pasta is delicious and not hard to prepare. Located in Williamsburg, it is worth the trip to buy their 


We don’t need to be told twice about eating pasta on National Pasta Day! Hopefully these locations have something delicious to satiate the pasta cravings you’ve most likely gotten.s. Enjoy the day, eat well and loosen up your belts accordingly. Abbondanza!


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