The Top 4 Suiting Complaints

Suiting Complaints

Suits are like armor in a sophisticated battle. They help men conquer the world. So what happens if there is a chink in the warrior's armor? He appears less confident and powerful.

Men need to understand what to look for when shopping for a suit so they can project themselves as best as possible. These top 4 suiting complaints will help you avoid fashion blunders and narrow down your choices. Furthermore, we selected these suiting complaints because they were the most common and troublesome.

Suits that Don't Fit

This may be one of the more obvious suiting complaints, but it is worth noting. Suits are typically designed for a lean, muscular build so bulky men have a hard time finding suits that fit. Beefy upper bodies stretch suit jackets in unusual ways, but the proportion between pants and jacket gets messed up if the cut is too large.

Cheap Linings

Suiting Complaints

Cheap linings can feel almost like paper. That's because they're usually made of polyester, which traps body heat and does not breathe at all. Exceptionally cheap linings will make a crunchy or swooshing sound when you move around.


Suiting Complaints

Wrinkles plague every man at some point in their life. Some man get them because they forget how to fold and pack a suit. There are easy solutions, however, if you're stuck in a hotel room with a crumpled mess:

  1.  Just give it a day on the hanger. Rumpled fabric can correct itself--especially if it is made of wool or a wool blend.
  2. Use a handheld steamer.
  3.  Don't have a handheld steamer? No problem! Turn you bathroom into a steam room with your shower. Just make sure your suit doesn't get wet.

This is another obvious suiting complaint, but it is very important. Make sure your suiting fabric is durable so you don't have to deal with embarrassing tears. Wool or wool-like fabrics are some of the strongest fabrics out there. They also wear very well.