Three Ways to Tie a Scarf

Tie a Scarf The once around scarf.

We're approaching the middle of the fall; the weather is cooling, and scarves are being taken out of the closet. While scarves are mostly associated with women's fashion, you can find them cropping up in men's as well. So don't be afraid to show off a scarf this fall and winter along with your suit. Whether you're heading to the office, or the bar, it's important to know how to tie one of these. So here are three simple ways to tie a scarf.

 The Once Around Scarf

Tie a Scarf The French knot.


The Once Around is a simple, yet classic scarf look. Much like tying a tie, you start out with the scarf draped around your shoulder, with one side longer than the other. Then, you take the longer side and toss it over the shorter side and around your neck. And voila! You've done it. This scarf style is great for cool weather.

The French Knot Scarf

The French Knot, or the Parisian Knot, is fairly simple way to tie a scarf. First, you fold the scarf in half, so that the ends touch. Next, take what you have folded and throw it over your shoulders. Third, take the ends of the scarf and pull the ends through the loop you've created. Finally, pull it snug. This knot is great for colder fall days, when it can get to below-freezing temperatures.

The draped scarf. The draped scarf.

The Draped Scarf

The Drape is the simplest way to tie a scarf. It's really meant to be worn on warmer fall days, because it doesn't provide much warmth. Here's how to wear it: you drape the scarf around your neck so it hangs down in front of your shirt. Then, you can either tuck it under your coat, or wear it in front. That's literally it. Again, not much warmth, but it looks cool.

From clean-shaven business men to college-aged hipsters, scarves can look good on just about anyone. So now that you know how to tie a scarf, time to go out and get one!