7 Suiting Tips for Style and Comfort

suiting tips - fixing tie

Here are 7 suiting tips you should know before suiting up. While this isn't the most fun topic we've written about, it's a must-read. Why? Because these small and simple tips can prevent you from making a fashion faux pas. You don't want to ruin your suiting style with minor mistakes.

1.Choose Gray over Black

Gray Slim Fit SuitIf your suit is for work, or play, choose a gray suit over black. Black suits are more appropriate for weddings... and funerals.

2. Belt and Shoes should Match

This is a no-brainer that is sometimes forgotten. Your shoes should always be the same color as your belt -- especially when you're wearing a suit.

3. Check your Suit Jacket Fit

Make sure you can slide a hand in between your buttoned jacket and chest-- it should be snug, but have enough room to move. With this tip you can figure out if the jacket is too loose or too tight.

4. Unbutton your Suit before you Sit

Always do this! Or else you will wrinkle your suit, and potentially burst a button. dsc05202_copy

5. Always tie a Classic Windsor

Look, there are plenty of ways to tie a tie. But you can never go wrong with a classic Windsor knot. Unless the occasion specifically calls for something else, trust us on this.

6. Wear Long Socks with your Suit

One exception to this rule is if it's the summertime and you're wearing casual boat shoes. But really, you should always wear socks with a suit. This suiting tip is sometimes ignored, but we're begging you: please cover your ankles.

7. The Suit Jacket should Cover your Zipper

Another way to figure out if your jacket fits is by looking at the length. Your jacket should be long enough that it covers the zipper on your pants. If it's too short, you need a larger size.

And there you have it! Seven suiting tips so you can put your best (socked) foot forward. We hope that with these suiting tips you feel confident in buying and wearing your first suit.