Plan Ahead: Halloween Costumes with Suits

Patrick Bateman vs Hitman Halloween costumes with suits, Patrick Bateman vs Hitman

October has just begun, so you know what that means: it's time for Halloween. Or, at least, it's time to start planning out your Halloween costume. If you don't feel like buying a tacky costume from the closest Halloween store, why not just wear a suit? Here's a list of Halloween costumes with suits, so you can dress up as an iconic and stylish character on the spookiest day of the year.

1. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Halloween costumes with suits, patrick bateman

Don your classiest suit to become Patrick Bateman this Halloween. Along with the suit, you'll you'll have to sport a fake ax and a clear raincoat splattered with fake blood. Want to take it a step further? Print out his business cards and hand them out to people at the Halloween party.

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2. Clark Kent aka Superman

In lieu of Superman appearing in the next season of the CW's Supergirl, why not dress up as alter-ego Clark Kent for the day? While the movie Batman vs Superman might have been a bust, that doesn't mean Superman himself is. You'll need a Superman shirt to wear under your suit, and a pair of Clark Kent's cool glasses.

3. One of the Men in Black

Hard to believe it's been almost 10 years since this movie came out. But, it's a classic, so you can certainly still dress up as one of the men in black this Halloween. Black suit, black tie, black sunglasses-- you're all set.

Halloween costumes with suits, hitman

4. Agent 47 from Hitman

This one's for all you video game fans out there. You can dress up easily as Agent 47 from the Hitman stealth video game series. All you need is a black suit, red tie, and hair-free head. Oh, a prop gun might be useful as well... you are a hitman after all.

5. Pee-wee Herman

If you have an eccentric sense of humor, Pee-wee Herman might be the perfect costume for you. And in this case, you get to wear a red bow tie! A gray suit and some white shoes and socks will complete the look.

Hopefully we've given you a few ideas about how to incorporate your suit into your Halloween costume this year. While there are more Halloween costumes with suits that can be thought of, such as Don Draper, we felt that these were the best of the best; not to mention the most recognizable.