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  • how to mend a halloween costume/suit

    Halloween has arrived. Hopefully you have your costume all in order for tonight, whether you're taking the kids out trick-or-treating or going to a party. But if you find yourself dragging out last year's costume in tatters, here are tips on how to mend it. Whether it's a hole in the armpit, or a torn seam, we've got you covered. These tips can also be applied if you were wondering how to mend a suit, so they're good all year round.

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  • Today is a day that everyone can celebrate (unless allergic) -- National Chocolate Day. In honor of this wonderful holiday, we're listing the best places to pick up some chocolate in NYC. Whether you want to get some for a date, an event, or just for yourself to munch on, feel free to satisfy your sweet tooth. Consider us chocolate connoisseurs, instead of suit connoisseurs, for today.


    National Chocolate Day

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    Suit Mistakes Festive suits are a big no no.

    Suit mistakes can cost you a date or a job. The University of Hertfordshire  conducted a study on first impressions, and they found that most people make strong judgments within 3 seconds of looking at someone. They also discovered that the kind of clothing you wear will determine how well people like you. For example, viewers rated a man in a perfect, tailor-made suit as more confident, successful and flexible than when he wore an imperfect, high-street suit.

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  • So many colored shirts to choose from! So many colored shirts to choose from!

    So, you’ve worn a white shirt or a blue shirt for weeks on end and want to break the monotony? The best way to do this is a simple change of color palette by adding colored shirts. Colored shirts can make a big difference in spicing up your rack of clothes!

    Some ground rules when looking to add some color to your wardrobe:

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  • halloween events in nyc - debate

    October brings us the best holiday of the year: Halloween. Here's the day where you can dress however you want, and eat as much candy as you like. So whether you're wearing your suit and pretending to be Donald Trump for the night, or you just want to enjoy the holiday with friends, here are four Halloween events in NYC. This way, you can have fun even if you don't like dressing up.

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  • The pants debate over whether to go with pleated pants or flat front pants has go on for the better part of the last century. Pleats were ultimately placed squarely under “unfashionable” in favor of the trendier flat front.

    Fashionable pants, both flat and pleated Fashionable pants, both flat and pleated

    Many of the benefits that come with pleated pants cannot be found in flat fronts.However, there are many benefits to pleated pants, some which can’t be found in flat front pants. Not only are pleats more ample and comfortable, they also look great with any suit. However, flat front pants have made many comebacks and are usually on the cutting edge of fashion in one way or another. Here are both sides to the pants debate:

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  • belt03-defaultBelts are the unsung heroes of a man’s wardrobe. They’re never meant to outshine other articles of clothing like a suit or shoes, but they can definitely complement and enhance the overall look. They are meant to be understated but without one, a wardrobe can come off as incomplete. With today being National Pasta Day, it’s best to understand what type of belt best suits your needs before you need to unbuckle it.

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  • mario_dollar_shave_club_1_2


    Today is “Be Bald and Free Day” and the best look for a bald man (or any man for that matter) is to be well groomed. Here at Hundred Dollar Suits, we recommend Dollar Shave Club for your grooming needs, whether you want to shave it all or keep a tasteful goatee to contrast with your shiny dome.

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  • Suiting Complaints

    Suits are like armor in a sophisticated battle. They help men conquer the world. So what happens if there is a chink in the warrior's armor? He appears less confident and powerful.

    Men need to understand what to look for when shopping for a suit so they can project themselves as best as possible. These top 4 suiting complaints will help you avoid fashion blunders and narrow down your choices. Furthermore, we selected these suiting complaints because they were the most common and troublesome.

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  • Tie a Scarf The once around scarf.

    We're approaching the middle of the fall; the weather is cooling, and scarves are being taken out of the closet. While scarves are mostly associated with women's fashion, you can find them cropping up in men's as well. So don't be afraid to show off a scarf this fall and winter along with your suit. Whether you're heading to the office, or the bar, it's important to know how to tie one of these. So here are three simple ways to tie a scarf.

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