5 Common Men's Suit Questions

common men's suit questionscommon men's suit questionscommon men's suit questions


Do people wear four-buttoned coats? Are pleated pants unflattering? How do I measure myself? Today, on National Ask a Stupid Question Day, we're answering common men's suit questions so you don't even have to ask. If you've never purchased a suit on your own before, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed. So don't worry -- we've got you covered.

1. How do I correctly measure myself for a suit?

First, check out our What's My Suit Size? guide. You're going to need some measuring tape, and possibly someone to help you. For your jacket, you'll need to measure your arm length, chest, shoulder width, and neck. For your pants size, whatever size you wear normally is fine. One tip of ours is to wear a shirt you'd normally wear under a suit jacket while measuring yourself.

2. Are pleated pants cool?

Not really. Flat front trousers are much more flattering no matter your shape or size. Therefore, we always recommend this style.

3. Why don't you sell four-buttoned coats?

Well, four buttons are not common anymore when it comes to suit style. They fell out of fashion, so we only carry 1-3 buttoned suits.

4. How can I accessorize my suit to stand out?

There are plenty of ways to do this! Ties, socks (yes, you should definitely wear socks), even sunglasses. Another cool style to try out is wearing white sneakers with your suit. It's a little out there, but if you're a bold and confident guy, we recommend it.

5. How do I care for my suit?

First thing's first, don't run it through the wash. You should always dry-clean your suits instead. Make sure to hang your suit in your closet instead of tucking it away in drawers. One bonus step is to hang it on hangers with curved edges -- it will drape more nicely that way. If you really want to dress to impress, get a steamer, or ask your local dry cleaner to steam it before wearing.

Hopefully we've answered some of your most pressing yet common men's suit questions. Now you can confidently suit up and show off your style to the world.

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