Marvel Vs DC: Who Kicks More Cinema Ass?



Marvel vs DC Which comic book will be the champion?

The Marvel vs DC battle has been going on for decades. Both companies are highly successful, but their strengths lie in different areas. While many argue that DC is currently making the best comic books, there is a fierce debate over who has the better movies. This article will explore who is kicking ass in the box office and who is struggling to keep up.

The Marvel Universe

Marvel vs DC There can only be one winner.

One reason Marvel films are so successful is because they mix movie characters with TV characters. For example, the superheroes in The Avengers films are tied to the agents in the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This connection is important because it accurately reflects the crossover stories in the comic books. It's also important to note that characters are introduced through solo films or shows before a crossover. In this way, viewers are given a well-rounded backstory that supports the characters' relationships in the crossover.

Marvel's lighthearted approach to film attracts a large audience. While DC's The Dark Knight Trilogy is fantastic, its dark and complex content appeals to mature audiences. Marvel films like Iron Man are funny, clever and fun. All age groups can enjoy and understand them.

Marvel's interconnecting story lines are fun, but they can throw off viewers. If someone doesn't watch every single show or movie, they can miss references or jokes. Even the most ambitious Marvel fan could have a hard time keeping up with every story.

The DC Universe

While fans may enjoy Marvel's interconnecting shows and movies, viewers can appreciate DC's solo projects. Marvel inspired DC to create interconnecting films, but there are no connections between TV shows and movies in the DC universe. This is great because each project can have its own signature style. Additionally, if fans are unhappy with a show they can at least find comfort in knowing that it won't affect the movies and vice versa. Finally, DC's more localized projects will save viewers from having to keep up with every story.

DC is following Marvel's lead with interconnecting films, but they don't introduce characters properly. Marvel introduces each main character with a solo film before an ensemble. This gradual buildup is great because it allows the ensemble film to focus on the plot. In DC movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, viewers are hastily introduced to complex characters. This move is risky because it only offers a small glimpse into valuable heroes and villains' lives. Additionally, poor introductions make the structure of the film choppy and fragmented.

So Who Wins the Marvel vs DC Cinema Battle?

Marvel vs DC The battle is over...for now.

Right now, Marvel has the lead over DC. Even critics and audiences agree. While Marvel films have been excelling, DC movies have been tanking. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had an 81% audience drop rate soon after hitting theaters. It also has a pitiful 27% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Suicide Squad  sank even lower with a 26% critic score. The movie is so bad that Jared Leto started distancing himself from the film soon after it hit theaters. Ouch.

Don't despair DC fans. The Marvel vs DC war has not been won yet. Marvel had 8 years to explore their cinematic universe so it's clear that DC is feeling the pressure to keep up. There's also still hope for DC's future. Upcoming projects like Harley Quinn's spin-off may offer viewers more insight into characters' lives. DC also has superior comics so perhaps they will transfer some of that great writing over to the big screen.