A Pirate's Booty: Men's Jewelry How-To

Vinny Pirate Navy 2 Button Modern Fit Suit

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, let's talk about one of the many fine pieces of jewelry any pirate can wear to their office, and not look like a cheap copy of Jack Sparrow.

Men’s jewelry is complicated; dating back to prehistoric times, people always adorned themselves with something, whether it was bone, copper, silver, opal, or gold. But you’re not going to wear a tooth necklace anymore, or maybe you are, I don’t know. Chances are you’re going to wear at least one piece of jewelry in your lifetime, so let me help you wear it correctly.


The general rule is not more than 4 and not more than 2 per hand. But feel free to be creative. Your index finger should be reserved for statement rings, as this is the finger you’ll be pointing with. Your middle finger can house classic rings and serves as a spot to complement a pinky ring. The ring finger is obvious; this is where your wedding band goes. Something that had died out that, but has recently come back into fashion is the signet ring. While none of us are signing emails with wax, it’s a nice touchstone from the past.

If you’re going for a suave Captain Jack feel definitely go for Arlie Piratemore. Conservative men would do well to wear only their wedding ring. And, a little pride never hurt anyone, so sport your college ring too for an extra panache of style. If you’re Irish, stack your Claddagh ring with your wedding ring for a Celtic throwback.


Wrist jewelry can be as simple as a braided leather cord. Trust me, it'll do wonders to your ensemble. Keep it thin and dark, like a 90’s porn ‘stache and it will complement any outfit. A metal bracelet can be eye catching too. If you've got a little viking in you, let it out with a torque. Whatever you wear, keep it simple and keep it to your right wrist.


Necklaces are easy, pick one! Ok, ok, maybe two if you’re going for an early 90’s grunge look. But keep the pooka shell and bottle opener necklaces in your drawers. If you’re religious, wear your symbol. It’s understated, classic, and might bring you some luck from on high.


A classic men’s jewelry staple, you used to not be able to go anywhere without wearing a Alex Piratewatch, but now with smartphones and literally a clock on every corner the watch has evolved into more of a style piece. A classic silver colored metal band watch is a men’s go to. But a nice leather band might be a wise addition to your wardrobe. Match it to your belt or favorite pair of shoes and you’ll be a style guru in no time.