Affordable Cruises: The Top 4 Caribbean Cruise Lines

Affordable Cruises: Break out of your business suit and into a bathing suit!

Cruises to the Caribbean are a blast. The crystal clear water is beautiful. You can eat and drink as much as you want. You can also make friends with fellow passengers. Most importantly, you don't have to worry about planning anything. It's the ultimate way to relax from a busy work-life. Cruises are also pricey. A trip could cost one person $999 a day or more.

Looking for a Caribbean cruise but don't want to break the bank? We found the top 4 affordable cruises and the best times to find deals. The following will also explain why certain cruises are more affordable than others.

Affordable Cruises Don't miss out on these amazing cruise deals!

Which Cruise Line Has the Best Deals and Why?

The top 4 cruise lines with the best deals are:

  • Carnival- 4-night cruises for only $169 per person ($42 a night) on Carnival Victory.
  • - Bahamas Paradise- offers 2-night cruises from Palm Beach, Florida, to the Bahamas. Base rates start as low as $179 per person (not including taxes and fees).
  • - Norwegian- 4-Day cruises start at $129 to Bahamas from Miami.
  • - Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas- $199 for 3-night cruises ($66 per night). $259 for 4-night cruises ($65 per night).

Carnival is listed first even though Norwegian has a lower price because Carnival has the best deals overall.

These four cruise lines have the best deals because they use some of their older ships for shorter cruises. They also spend more time at sea. While the older vessels may not have the same bells and whistles as the newer ones, they are by no means shabby. In fact, all of the older ships have been refurbished so that first-time cruisers would never know what they were missing.

Affordable Cruises You deserve a break from your busy work-life.
What Time of Year Is Best for Affordable Cruises?

The fall and early winter is the best time to find affordable cruises. Tourist season is low in between Labor Day and Christmas because people are too busy to travel. More importantly, it is hurricane season, and the Caribbean could get hit hard. If the hurricane risk is low, there is no reason you shouldn't take advantage of this off-season. You could get a 7-night cruise for under $500 per person during this time. Imagine it: You're on a gorgeous tropical beach drinking a margarita in blissful seclusion. Pretty tempting huh?

So while you are planning your Caribbean vacation, remember that the most affordable cruises are:

  • - the shortest cruises
  • - have the highest percentage of days out at sea
  • - on the oldest vessels
  • - in between Labor Day and Christmas

These cruise ship deals will give you the best bang for your buck on luxury vessels. Even better, you can take an awesome vacation without having to deal with obnoxious crowds. Everything is provided to you on cruise ships. The only thing you'll be working on is your tan.

Affordable Cruises Travel to the Caribbean on a luxury vessel!
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