Care and Storage Guide

Welcome to Hundred Dollar Suits Care and Storage Guide, below we have outlined some neat tricks to keep your new suit looking great long into it’s life.


Caring for your suit is integral to its survival. It might seem obvious, but you should always hang your suit Care Guide 1up. Don't leave it in a wrinkled mess on the floor. Hanging it up preserves the roundness of the shoulders, the drape, and overall shape of the suit. You should also hang your pants. Fold them half lengthwise along the ironed crease down the face of each leg and hang them over the bar of the jacket’s hanger. We recommend broad wooden hangers to preserve your suit best, but of course, plastic will work just as well.


Along with preserving the drape, not opening the outer pockets will keep your suit looking like it just came off the tailor’s table. And I know, it may seem like a no brainer. But, a lot of people rip them open at the first sight of the suit. If you must open them, simply take a sharp scissor and gently cut the stitching that binds the pockets closed. And don’t put anything heavy in them, they’ll pull and warp the suit in ways you never want to see. Stick to light items, glasses, business cards, a pen, are all light enough to put in your inner pockets.



When it comes to storage, a garment bag is the go to covering we recommend. Obviously, Care Guide Bagif you’re wearing your suit a lot, say 2 or more times a week, you won’t need this. But, if you just bought the suit for an occasion and want to preserve it, place it in a garment bag. It will keep out moths, which will eat your suit, and dust.


Lastly, unless you spill something on your suit, regular Care Guide 4wear won’t damage it. Dry cleaning damages the fibers and colors of your suit. And, too many washings can leave your suit looking shabby rather than chic. If you do happen to spill something, club soda and a cloth napkin are your best bet if no one has a Tide To-Go Stick handy. The carbon in the soda helps draw out the stain. Baby wipes also work well, but be careful not to leave any residue.