Dating Etiquette: How to Ace the First Date

first date first date first date


First dates are the bane of our existence. We, as a species, have gone on billions of first dates. And no matter how many times we go through the motions, somehow it is always a nerve-wracking experience. Thankfully, HDS is here to alleviate this Friday night fear with some tips about dating. Here is our latest blog about dating etiquette, which will hopefully help you out this weekend.

Dress for the location.

If you’re going to a Broadway show, dressing up is appropriate. If you’re just going out for casual drinks after work, then don’t show up to her home in a suit. We’re not saying you shouldn’t put any effort in your outfit - because you should - but you should keep the dress code in mind.

Go someplace in walking distance.

Hopefully this is possible for you. We can attest that driving together to a date, and having it not go well, and then having to drive home with the person is the worst. If you go someplace within walking distance, you can easily pick them up as well as walk them home. Trust us on this.

Don’t play any silly question games.

If you’re on a first date and the conversation is lagging, don’t say, “Hey, let’s play a question game.” We can guarantee this will make the date even worse. If you have so little in common that you can’t hold up a conversation without playing a game, this probably isn’t the person you’re supposed to be with.

Whoever asked for the first date should pay.

As a rule of thumb, whoever initiated the date should be the one who pays for the date. This way, there’s no awkward check war. If you asked the person out, grab that check as soon as it gets to you. If you’re the one who has been asked out, just sit back and let the other person pay.

With these dating etiquette tips in mind, hopefully you’ll find yourself having a stress-free first date. And remember, just try to relax and have fun. First dates don't have to be the worst dates.

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