Interviewing Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

interviewing Don't ever be nervous, you already got the interview which means they want to talk to you.

You did it. You graduated. Now college is over and so are the parties. That means it’s time to “Suit up!”as Barney Stinson would say, for interviewing. But, you have no money. You’ve got student loans weighing you down, you don’t need some pushy salesman talking you into something you can’t afford. But, you need a suit. A Hundred Dollar Suit.

Interviewing in a The Urban Jungle

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and Manhattan isn’t forgiving. But, you graduated college and now you’re looking to your future. But you need a suit to get your there. Or at least you need one for that interview you have next week, congrats by the way.

Interviewing Expenses

Interviewing can be an expensive process. You’ve got to traipse all across the city by bus and train. But what’s most expensive about interviewing is the suit. Most suits will run you into the several hundred dollar category if not over. Why lay out that much cash when the outcome is not guaranteed, sure you’ll have it for a while but expensive suits, like expensive cars, are full of thrills. You need something dependable and durable enough to stick with you for years to come.

interviewing A classic two-piece suit will never go out of style.

You need a Hundred Dollar Suit, or maybe two. For interviewing I always recommend the classic Navy Suit, or Charcoal Gray, in whichever compliments your complexion and body type. It’s a timeless style and a classic look.

Coordinate your shoes and belts, make sure they're the same color. Pair them with a bold tie and black shoes to really stand out during your interview. Or if you’re more conservative pick up our Dark Grey Suit, in whichever fits. Pair it with a muted or solid color tie and a white shirt and I guarantee you’ll get that job.

Save your money for celebratory drinks when you get the job and invest in a Hundred Dollar Suit. It’s an easy decision to make.

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