How to Rock Sunglasses and Suits


Sunglasses and SuitsSunglasses and SuitsSunglasses and Suits

Summer is coming to a close. The temperature is cooling, the Olympics are over, and your next vacation seems further away than ever. But just because the sun is losing its strength doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up your shades. Sunglasses have become a great go-to accessory for suits, much like hats once were. Here are some tips on how to rock sunglasses and suits to highlight your personal style.

Sunglasses and Suits: Keep it Classic.

There is one basic rule for wearing sunglasses and suits together: keep it classic. While wearing bright-colored plastic frames can be fun at the beach, it’s not going to look right in a suit. The same can be said for sporty frames that would normally be worn with athletic gear. Four great classic sunglasses to pair with suits are Wayfarers, Aviators, Clubmasters, and Caravans.

The Style of Sunglasses:

wayfarers sunglasses and suits

Wayfarers have become increasingly popular in the last few years. One reason for this is that they’re great for almost every face shape. Basically, everyone looks good in Wayfarers.




aviators sunglasses and suits

Aviators are very conventional sunglasses. Aviators have been around since the early 1900’s, and they have established themselves as a professional style. This style is perfect for older and younger generations alike. Aviators’ authoritative look can pair nicely with any suit.



Clubmasters are retro -- and very cool. These still keep it classic, but are admittedly more stylish and edgy than the other pairs on this list. Clubmasters are popular among millennials (and hipsters).clubmasters




caravans sunglasses and suits


Caravans are a great alternative to aviators. Basically they’re the same, but more rectangular. Caravan is a style mostly seen on older men… and dads.



What about Color?

Customization can be endless depending on which sunglasses you buy. But our advice is to stay away from reflective or colorful lenses, as well as bright-colored frames. Perhaps turquoise-tinted shades make you seem more creative; but dark colors are best if you want sunglasses that can be worn with your suit on any occasion.

So try and keep summer alive by keeping on the sunglasses. With these styles in mind, you’ll have no problem accessorizing your suit; these glasses will make you look more professional and attractive. Did we mention they also protect your eyes from the sun?