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  • barry_school_1 Navy Ultra Slim Fit $100 - Photographed by Vinny John

    Summer is coming to a close, and that means school is right around the corner. But, going back doesn't have to be a hassle. Especially, if you’re setting off to business or law school, our back to school style guide is exactly what you’ve been looking for. With student loans piling up and textbook costs at an all-time high, looking good on a budget is the back to school style of the year.

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    Sunglasses and SuitsSunglasses and SuitsSunglasses and Suits

    Summer is coming to a close. The temperature is cooling, the Olympics are over, and your next vacation seems further away than ever. But just because the sun is losing its strength doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up your shades. Sunglasses have become a great go-to accessory for suits, much like hats once were. Here are some tips on how to rock sunglasses and suits to highlight your personal style.

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