Renting Your Suits? This Will Make You Stop

Many men would rather rent a suit than buy one. Often for these few, simple reasons: suits are expensive, they don't wear them often enough, or they don't know their size. But renting isn't always the best option. So, let me offer an alternative.

The Price

At first glance, renting a suit seems like a good idea in order to save a little. But consider this, the more often you rent a suit, the more it would be worth it to buy your own. Just like living in a rented apartment, it would probably be financially smarter to buy some point. Renting can cost you $100 and up. This is exactly the price Hundred Dollar Suits charges for a full two-piece suit. Naturally, there are still accessories like shoes and dress shirts to be bought. However, buying your own suits will still turn out to be less expensive in the long run. And less of a hassle.

It Won’t Fit

If you're like me and rent your suit at the last minute, you're going to make mistakes regarding the fit and size. In contrast, if you buy a suit, you should take your time and get it tailored. This eliminates any fear of it not fitting correctly.

Less Variety

The next problem is choice. This goes along with the last point as well. Since you don’t care as much about a rental suit, you might just grab whatever color and go. As opposed to browsing different options.


Finally, having your very own suit will give your wardrobe a much more upscale touch. When asked to a high-end party spontaneously, you will be able to. Just pull out your suit and voila.

It's still your choice. If buying is not your cup of tea, stick with renting. To everyone else, happy shopping.

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