What Women Want: A Brief Guide

What Women Want - A Brief Guide

Let’s start it off with a sad truth: I am a woman, and even I had to find out what women want. This subject is pretty elusive. Note that I’m not saying this in an anti-feminist way, women just have different ways of thinking than men. Now I will proudly present to you my findings on what women really want. Naturally, I will get rid of a few common cliches and prove a few of them.

Why it’s so hard to grasp what women want

There is undoubtedly a lot of literature on the question what women actually want. A lot of it is very vague and doesn’t really answer the question. Let’s try to make sense of it.

Psychology Today shines a light on why it’s so hard to grasp womens’ needs and desires: “Having but one uterus to fill with one fetus at a time, a woman gains no obvious evolutionary advantage from promiscuity.” So other than men, women choose their partners very carefully. More reasons for that are the higher risk of diseases and the obvious: Women’s unique risk of pregnancy.

Women want Trustworthiness

As The Gottman Institute suggests: Women want trustworthiness. The two biggest complaints that women have are 1) He’s not there for me and 2) There is not enough emotional connection. I know it’s hard, but at least try to come across as trustworthy. Even better: Actually be trustworthy. This includes doing what you promised, showing up on time and generally looking after your girl.

Women want Understanding

Yes, another cliched answer. But it is true. Women want a man who listens to them. A man who helps them in difficult situations. Make sure you know her inside and out. This proves to her that you really love her. Even men need someone by their side who understands them, so why not give your woman the same affection?

Women want Security

By security, I mean two different things: First and foremost, literal security. She wants to feel protected and looked after. Secondly, financial security is still a thing. I know, we’re in the 21st century. But: Women don’t necessarily want a millionaire. It’s much more important that you are a man with traits that enable you to turn yourself into one. Which ones those are is a story of its own. Just this much: Hard work.

Conclusion on what women want

Trustworthiness, Understanding, Security. Doesn’t sound too hard after all, does it? After all, every woman is different. This is just a suggested path. But this path might get you somewhere, so why not follow it.