8 Suit Rules - Our Stylists Top Tips

8 Suit Rules - Our Stylists Top Tips

We live in a world of rules, but those rules don’t always have to be bad. In this case, these suit rules will have you looking sharp and ready for anything. Who knows they might just save your life one day. Whether it's helping you get the job you want, helping you close the deal, or get the girl, these are a code to live by.

1. The Suit has to fit

When buying a suit, any suit, the most important part is the right fit. Don’t make any compromises on your new suit’s fit. This doesn’t mean you cannot buy ready-to-wear suits. Just make sure they accentuate your figure in the right way.

2. Do your suit some Justice

When in a suit, go all the way. It’s not enough to put on the two-piece; you are also obliged to top it off with the right tie, matching your dress shirt.

3. A variety of suits adds spice

It pays to own a few different color suits, because each one says something different about who you are.  Our stylist recommends Navy, Dark Gray, and Light Gray. And don’t worry, these three will get you through pretty much anything.

4. Suit buttons on suit buttons

Don’t go nuts with buttons, whether it be too numerous or too fancy. Keep it modern. Obviously, this does not rule out the double-breasted suit, which always has double the amount of buttons as a single-breasted suit.

5. Accessorize your Suit

A great watch, maybe a ring, could even be a pocket square, but the ultimate accessory ties together any style. Just make sure it’s your style. So spend some time getting to know your style.

6. Wear the right shoes with your suit

Beautiful leather dress shoes will instill a confidence in your stride that no will miss. Real leather dress shoes, or boots for colder months, adapt to your feet pretty quickly and allow you to wear them comfortably all day.

7. Care for your suit

Obviously, keeping your clothes clean is a no brainer, but when it comes to a suit, always hang it up. Try not to kick your shoes off. You spent your hard earned money on this stuff, don’t neglect it.

8. Love Your Suit

A well-fitting, comfortable, and beautiful suit is not to be underestimated. It will earn you respect and appreciation and you are going to feel like a million bucks in it. Wear it, love it, shine in it.

If you follow these suit Rules, you're sure to look sharp no matter what epoch you live in.

All of these rules are important, but don’t be afraid to experiment and try new combinations. You’ll shine in a suit no matter what.