Labor Day's Essential: The White Suit

The White Suit, paired with a blue shirt and blue pocket square for a great Navy look.

Who in their right mind would ever wear a white suit? Well, you should! Labor Day is fast approaching and the time to wear white is closing. What better way to send out the summer than with Hundred Dollar Suits’ White Suit. With a slim tailoring and a beautifully bright finish, the white suit is perfectly form-fitting, and amazingly clean and crisp.

The White Suit for Labor Day

Alright, you can’t justify buying a white suit from anywhere else and why would you. I wouldn’t spend $500 on something I’d only wear once. $100 though, that sounds a lot more appealing. Even I bought a freakin' pumpkin suit for Halloween one year. Come on, it’s one day a year, you can celebrate the American labor movement in style.

Deconstructing the Suit

Alright, I’m not convincing you, but maybe what will convince you is how easily deconstructable the white suit is. First off, you get a pair of white dress pants. I know this sounds a little crazy. But paired with a lilac shirt and a paisley tie, it is a sure-fire summer BBQ hit. Especially if you want to impress that debutante.

Deconstructing the Jacket

The jacket will deconstruct nicely; you can pair it with khaki shorts and boat shoes for a nice boating look. Honestly, even navy pants or shorts will look great with this jacket. It will give them a step up in terms of formality and definitely make you look great. Needless to say, it will impress your boss.


Interestingly enough, a white suit isn’t the oddest thing to add to your wardrobe. Consider the rise of “White Parties” and you might save yourself the trouble of scrambling to put together an outfit. If nothing else, the Hundred Dollar Suits’ White Suit is versatile and will give you a sharp look in the summer, Labor Day, Fourth of July and a fun look at any Christmas party.