Husky's Hundred Dollar Suit

“On my knees in a hundred dollar suit..” No, this is not our staff praying in a hundred dollar suit, it’s part of the lyrics by Husky. The Australian Band released their debut album “Forever So” in 2012, including the Song “Hundred Dollar Suit” as Track 10. Why am I writing about Husky's Hundred Dollar Suit ? The song itself actually has not much to do with actual suits. I like to concern myself with curious things like that. So many song titles seem completely random, the Indie Folk Band Husky followed this example. 

The Lyrics

There is one leitmotif in Husky's song:

Shipwrecked hearts start sailing
Praying in the rain
On my knees in a hundred dollar suit

By the way, a leitmotif is a recurring phrase in a song associated with a particular person, place or idea, according to Wikipedia. It is derived from the German word Leitmotiv, which loosely translates to guiding motive.

What does Husky's Hundred Dollar Suit  mean? This is probably subject to everybody’s own interpretation. In my opinion, Husky’s Hundred Dollar Suit is a nostalgic and melancholic song. “I wanna see my home again” is another line, which tells us directly that the singer is longing for his home. But why does he do it in a Hundred Dollar Suit? The band's well-kept secret. 

The Band Husky

Husky didn’t really reach international fame yet. However, the band is well known all over Australia. Plus, they are the first band who signed with Sub Pop Records, an American music label partially owned by the Warner Music Group. Their lead singer Husky Gawenda won the APRA Award in 2013, an Australian bi-annual ceremony series. It recognizes songwriting skills, sales and airplay performances.

Husky's Hundred Dollar Suit

Even though the song title might have been chosen as a joke, I can see Mister Gawenda kneeling in a Hundred Dollar Suit. The Indie Folk Band Husky seems to be creative in a simple way.

*Image by Bruce, Flickr.