Hundred Dollar Suits Made Possible

The average suit will cost you around $250 to $500, which doesn't even even compare to what a bespoke suit will cost. We wondered, "why do suits have to be so expensive?" Unfortunately, “the way you are dressed determines the way you are addressed” has a whole different connotation if you can't afford to look professional.

In the business world, suits are mandatory. In your personal life, you might need a suit when invited to a formal occasion like a wedding. At Hundred Dollar Suits, we are determined to tackle this problem, providing suits at only $100.

Our quality promise

Our approach is vertical integration. Cutting out the middlemen enables us to pass the savings right to our customers. Absolutely no compromise is to be made concerning the quality of Hundred Dollar Suits. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, we easily bypass the keynote markup and manage to invest all our time and energy into the suits themselves.

Our colors

Feel free to choose from classic colors like black, charcoal and navy. “Those are the power colors," says Ken Ashmawy, one of our founders. His personal favorite is the Dark Gray. When speaking about gray suits, his eyes start to glow and his whole facial expression changes. “After black and navy, gray should be your number three classic suit,” is his advice.

100 Dollar Suits - Fits

Ken Ashmawy's got your back when it comes to fit, “we offer Ultra Slim, Modern, which is our most popular fit type, and Classic, for anyone who needs a bit more room."

Still don’t believe it’s possible to purchase a high quality suit for $100? Just check out our website Hundred Dollar Suits

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