How to Attract More Women in a Suit

Ask any woman, including me, how they want their man dressed. Not surprisingly, the answer is: a well cut and fitted suit. It will make any man look smooth, sexy, and sophisticated. But how can you attract more women in a suit?

Look older - the George Clooney Effect

No joke, this is often referred to as the “George Clooney Effect.” Researchers at the University of Abertay Dundee discovered that as women become more financially independent, they want an older, more attractive male partner. This is due to the fact that an older age suggests better financial resources. So the older a man, the more likely he is to be able to provide for a woman. At least that’s what science thinks.

Grow a light beard.

According to an Australian Study from 2013, the beard trend hasn’t found an end yet. The study suggests that a “heavy stubble” comes across as most attractive to women. This can be achieved within about 10 days. Naturally, a little care goes into maintaining this 10-day-beard as well. However, grooming is going to be much more fun when done for the right cause. 

Claim a high status.

First, the good news: When wearing a suit, women already think that you must have some kind of well-paid job. Nevertheless, try to attract more women in a suit by also wearing expensive jewelry and combining nice shoes. Again, this will attract more women because it also suggests that a man is financially stable and able to support a woman. The ultimate cliche, isn’t it?


Grow a beard, look older and claim a high status. These tips all suggest you should basically become an old, rich man. So you might want to focus on your career and age by 20 years before even coming close to any woman. If you can't wait that long, follow my prompts and see where it takes you. Good Luck! 

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