54L Suits - Looks your wardrobe needs

Unbelievable, but true: when in training, Ryan Reynolds boasted an incredible 54 inch chest. If you are already at that size, look no further and have a read through of my style suggestions for all you tall and strong gentlemen. Suiting up is a must.

54L Suits - The Details

As wearer of a 54L Suit, you measure 54 inches around the largest part of your chest. Your height is anything above six foot. Does this profile match you? About the pants: note that there is a six inch drop, meaning that the pants belonging to this suit size will be a size 48. If your waist is anything over or under a size 48, not a problem. Suit pants are constructed in a way that allows you to either take them in by three inches or expand them. However, there is one thing that you should be aware of, taking them in a lot will move the pockets closer together.

54L Suits - Casual vs Office

As opposed to what you might think, there are many suits available that will fit you just perfectly. A great summer color is tan. The Tan Classic Fit Three Button Suit will complement your body in the right ways. Its three buttons add just a touch of classic elegance. 54L Suits in Navy are great as well, because they are one of the most surefire options. You cannot do anything wrong with a Navy Modern Fit Two Button Suit, completed with a white dress shirt and a blue tie. This office outfit is very difficult to beat.