Double-Breasted Suits VS. Single-Breasted Suits

When it comes to buttons, lapels, and drape, no two suits are the same. Every suit has small differences and of course there are much more noticeable big differences. The biggest difference when looking at a suit jacket is the apparent style. And, there are two distinct style types that every jacket will fall into. These types are single-breasted suits and double-breasted suits.

differences Between double and Single-breasted suits?

Double-breasted suits are considered more formal, as opposed to single-breasted suits. And they originated from the naval reefer jacket, also known as the pea coat. The term double-breasted normally describes a jacket with two parallel columns of buttons and an overlapping front flap. A single-breasted jacket only features one row of buttons. Today, single-breasted suit jackets are the most common.

It’s all about the buttons

When dividing suits into sections, it all comes down to the buttons. A single-breasted suit normally features one, two or three buttons. While, double-breasted suits feature four, six or, even eight buttons. Double-breasted suits also feature a hidden button called the anchor. This button merely helps keep the fabric together and give the suit a better drape and frame your figure better. When buttoning a double-breasted suit you should always leave the lower one undone and button the middle one instead. The anchor button should also be fastened at all times, regardless if you’re sitting or standing.

My opinion

I really love the double-breasted suit, unfortunately I don't look good in them. But that doesn't mean you won't so please give it a try. From a style perspective, a single-breasted suit is more modern and easier to style with. Though, if you've got the body for it a double-breasted suit will make you look like a movie star that just stepped off the plane in Monaco.

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